Rhythm and Brews 4th Anniversary Bash

We’re turning four and we want to celebrate with you in the only way we know how, by throwing a rocking,rolling, good-timing party. Saturday, 10/18, at 4:00 is Rhythm and Brews and this one is going to be a blast.

Rhythm and BrewsWe been saving up our small batch brews for this special occasion. On tap we’ll have:

  • Omega DIPA
  • Sorachi Aces High Saison
  • Honey Nut Beer-e-os Brown
  • Pumpkin Spice Red
  • Misty Mountain Hops IPA
  • Sour Agent Peel
  • Packinghouse IPA
  • Heritage Pale Ale
  • Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale
  • Riley’s Irish Red
  • Cream Stout
  • Coffee/Chocolate/Vanilla Cream Stout
  • Agent Peel

Sound good? We think so too. We’ll also have a pin-up girl contest, live music with Minor Strut, The Rockabillys Band, Brick Top Blaggers and Superbad.

We hope you can join us for this special event. A portion of the proceeds benefit Moreno Valley Rotary. Free admission. Cheers!

What’s Going on at Packinghouse – August 13, 2014

Hot August nights makes us crave beer. Actually, any night makes us crave beer. It’s a good thing we’ve got plenty.


This month we come to the end of the Greek Alphabet IPA era. We’ve brewed a ton of IPAs and enjoyed each of them. For the last one, Omega, Erik had the great idea of getting the people involved. We’re throwing a party, like we tend to do, and brewing Omega IPA during it. For $25.00 participants get a beer in a Packinghouse logo glass (keep the glass), a beer ticket for Omega IPA upon its release, and, here’s the best part, participants can take part in the brewing process. Not only do you help brew, you get to choose the hops and chuck them in the boil whenever you want. Should be interesting, huh?! It’s guaranteed to be fun. This party will take place on August 30th at noon and there will be more info (such as the food vendor) coming soon. Sign up in the tasting room. We hope you can join us.

We’ve got live music for the next two weekends with the Packinghouse House Band (LSD) playing Saturday, 8/16, in the early evening and The Angry Babies playing for Pint Night, 8/22. We’re excited to have The Angry Babies for the first time. They play acoustic versions of 80’s New Wave. Classic. Right up our alley.

Test batch Tuesday on 8/19 will see the release of Lou Bad Ass British Bitter. These small batches go quickly so get it while you can.

Till next time,



What’s Going on at Packinghouse – June 2, 2014

Summer is coming and we’re ready for fun. Our new summer seasonal, Agent Peel American Wheat, is tasty and refreshing. Brewed with a touch of lemon peel and coming in at 4.8% ABV, we think this is the perfect summer brew. Game On

On June 20th we’ll have our first game night, which we’re calling B and B – Brews and Board Games. We’ve got our good friend Michael helping us host as we provide board games, cards games and plenty of brews. This fun evening is open to all levels of gamers and we hope you can join us.

Friday the 13th is our next Pint Night and we welcome the return of Mothership Scrapbook Gal and Crafty Happy Hour. Hopefully you didn’t forget Father’s Day is June 15th! Mothership Scrapbook Gal will have everything you need to make a terrific and thoughtful card for your dad, husband or special guy. This is fun for the entire family so bring everybody. In addition to crafts and food we’ll have live music with LSD (The Packinghouse House Band) and legendary local bar band The Heymakers. This is going to a great night you don’t want to miss. Men Get Crafty


What’s Going on at Packinghouse – 2/17/14

Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? Did your sweetie give you some delicious craft beer? We certainly hope so. Nothing says romance like a good beer.Outside brewery

It’s exactly one month until St. Patrick’s Day and just a little beyond that is Brew with a View, our party that corresponds with the Riverside Air Show. We’re busy planning this fun all day event so make sure you plan to attend on April 5th.

This Tuesday is Test Batch Tuesday and we’re releasing Xi Double IPA. Big IBUs, big ABV and big flavor. This one is sure to go quickly so you don’t want to miss out. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Friday, 2/21, is Pint Night with Pandini Panini. We’re glad to have them back. Their food is delicious! The Pint Night fun starts about 5:00.

Next Pint Night, 3/07, we’ll have some live music for you. The Packinghouse House Band will make its debut.


What’s Going on at Packinghouse – 2/10/14

It’s Valentine’s week and you’re sweetie needs a beer. And so do you. We all do. I’m drinking one right now.

The picture on the right is from the Crafty Happy Hour held at Packinghouse a couple weeks ago with Mothership Scrapbook Gal. She’ll be returning in Spring for a Mother’s Day event. Looking forward to it!From Crafty Happy Hour with Mothership Craft Gal

Erik’s got Xi IPA in the pilot system fermenting away. From this point forward, we’ll be finishing out the Greek Alphabet Series on the smaller system. It’s time to put out one consistent IPA (to be named later) brewed on the bigger system. We’ve had a blast with the Greek Alphabet Series and when it ends we’re gonna feel kind of sad. But hey, life goes on. Xi (pronounced Zye) will be a double IPA. So bitter. So delicious.

So after tabulating many votes we decided to scrap that whole “voting for the name of the Cream Ale” thing and go with Bell Tower Blonde. Why not Pachappa (which was winning the votes)? We’re going to save Pachappa for an upcoming porter. So there you have it. Sorry for any confusion. But, trust me, we are more confused than you. So from this point forward Bell Tower Blonde will be a Packinghouse staple and officially replace Sunburst.

This Thursday, 2/13, folks will be sharing goodies. Come by and make new friends.


What’s Going on at Packinghouse – 2/3/14

We had a blast at the two most recent beer festivals, Dale Brothers Anniversary and Wicks’ Cars and Cops, respectively. You may have heard that small brewers stick together and try to assist each other when possible. Well, it’s true. The more people who drink our beer the better it is for the world. And that’s not an exaggeration. Plus, most of us are just really nice guys (and gals). When Packinghouse was first getting started, we received a good deal of support from Dale Bros. Andy and Curt are just good people. We were happy to celebrate their anniversary with them. There’s good folks over at Wicks too, and Herbie is putting out some fantastic brews. Please patronize our brewer bros and make the world a better place.

The photo of me and Ron is from BeerQwest, an awesome online resource all about local craft beer. dale-bros-11th-anniversary-celebration-91-1391269361

Nu Red IPA was released last Friday and we are very stoked about it. It’s bitter and sticky and slightly malty and pretty bad ass. It’s in the tasting room now and will be pouring at various joints throughout the southland soon. We’re also super excited to be starting our Test Batch Tuesdays this month. The first one is Tuesday, 2/4. These brews are on and gone. 10 gallons of goodness and the sky’s the limit of what Erik will make. The first batch up is a called ‘Scuse Me While I Whip This Stout. This is rich, dry stout with a higher ABV than Black Beauty.

We’ve got Pint Night this Friday with the return of Dragon Loco. Mario, chef/owner, creates amazing Mexican-Chinese fusion that will not disappoint. You’ve got to try it. The party starts at 5:00 and we hope to see you there. Cheers!

Red IPA Release Friday, 1/31/14

Well the next in the Greek alphabet series of IPAs will be released this Friday. The new IPA is Nu IPA. Ha! That’s funny to write. Nu is a Red IPA that’s smooth and bold and tastes great. Come down on Friday and grab a pint.

We’ll have a growler special this Saturday for all your Big Game watching needs. I can’t believe I am writing Big Game instead of what it’s really called but I know there’s some copyright bullpucky involving the N.F.L. and trademarks and we don’t want no trouble.

2014 is off to an amazing start. Thanks for all your support!



What’s Going on at Packinghouse? – 1/13/14

growlerWe’ve got the new Red IPA fermenting away in Tank One and the release of Ol’ Smudgepot Barleywine couldn’t have gone any better. Things aren’t all bright and rosy for Packinghouse though because some jackass stole our delivery van! These kinds of things really hurt small business and we sure hope to have it recovered.

In the meantime, this Thursday folks will be sharing and caring as usual. Bring a goodie and make new friends. This Saturday, 1/18, we’ve got the live tunes to entertain you. We welcome back the talented Micah Justice who brings a nice blend of original tunes and some familiar covers for you to enjoy while you sip your beer. This time she brings along a band called Hippie Cream with their funk rock vibe. It should make for a great afternoon and the fun starts at 3:00.

On Pint Night, 1/24, in addition to the normal fun and shenanigans, we’ll have Mothership Scrapbook Gal joining us from 5:00-7:00. She’ll be bringing everything you need to make and take beautiful, handmade Valentine’s cards for your sweetie. In addition to the normal delicious food for dinner we’ll also have gourmet cupcakes in the House. Hope you join us. Cheers!


Our First Barleywine Released Soon!

PizzaWell, it’s 2014 and we’re looking forward to a great year with new offerings. Fittingly, the first new beer we release this year will be our yet to be named Barleywine. This is a truly big beer and we are very excited about it. It will be available on Pint Night, Friday, January 10th. We’ll be joined by WTF (Where’s the Fire) Pizza. WTF and their wood burning oven are always a crowd pleaser. Delicious.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2014 and how to see you soon!